Reviewing a medical paper is a big responsibility and reviewing can be a difficult process; but it is critical to evolving the field of medicine.  Cureus aims to make the review process as pain-free as possible.  Moreover, we actively feature and promote reviewers as recognition for their important contribution to the field of medicine.

Today we introduce a video tutorial to highlight our reviewing tools and process. I also want to share a few thoughts for reviewers in this post.

The review process is designed to help the author publish the best paper possible.  Except in the case of fraud or gross negligence, we do not reject papers.  Formidable papers over the decades have been buried by errant reviewers. We believe it is unacceptable that a reviewer looking briefly at the scientific work that has taken many hours, days, weeks or months can decide whether or not a paper gets published.  Only the author can decide whether his work is strong enough for publication or not.

Once published, our SIQ scoring process is activated and the wisdom of the network will determine the relative value of a paper in the form of a score.  Reviewers on are the first to score a paper (SIQ score) and their score holds the most weight….so a low SIQ score might result if authors fail to take reviewer feedback into consideration.  While an author is not under obligation to modify a paper based on the feedback of the reviewers, it is in their best interest if they want to maximize their paper score.