New Co-Op Model Turns Contributors into Owners

Cur&#275us, the new generation medical journal, today announced a new co-operative ownership structure that enables those who produce, review and contribute medical research to the Cur&#275us eco-system to share in the company’s financial success.

Cureus will reward them for their contributions with shares in the company.
For the first time in the Internet Age, a Web-based company whose business success is based on content generated by its end-user audience will reward them for their contributions with shares in the company. With Cur&#275us, the key stakeholders who contribute to the medical research journal, including the authors, reviewers and editors, can share in the company’s success through a co-op ownership program that converts their work into equity depending on their level of participation.

Under the current system of medical publishing, medical researchers, authors and reviewers receive no compensation for their work. In fact these all-important contributors must relinquish copyright, and in many cases, even pay to get their scientific papers published or access their own paper post publication. Ultimately, the journal and publisher reaps all financial benefits as well as much of the recognition.

As part of its mission to revolutionize medical publishing, Cur&#275us’ publishing model returns control of published research to those who create it – giving content creators full copyright and enabling free access to all readers. The Cur&#275us co-op ownership model builds on this foundation by implementing a system, which tangibly rewards both physician and PhD contributors.

“We believe that the current model for medical research publishing is fundamentally broken,” said Tobin Arthur, president, Cur&#275us. “The future success of Cur&#275us’ depends on the efforts of its users, including authors, reviewers and other workers. Our ground-breaking publishing model recognizes and rewards the critical efforts of these individuals.”

How Cur&#275us Social Ownership Works
When joining Cur&#275us, members are automatically assigned an account meter to their profile. Each time they publish, review or score a paper, produce a medical poster or other type of contribution they earn points. At the end of the calendar year, the top point-earners on the site will be offered an opportunity to convert those points into equity in the company.

“The current medical publishing model offers very little incentive to those participating in the process,” said, Thomas J. Fogarty MD, Fogarty Institute for Innovation. “Cur&#275us puts its money where its mouth is by giving contributors the recognition and compensation they deserve.”

About Cur&#275us
Based in Palo Alto, California, Cur&#275us is the new generation medical journal. Leveraging the power of an online, crowd-sourced platform, Cur&#275us promotes medical research by focusing the publishing process on the people who create it, resulting in better research, faster publication and easier access for everyone. Leading physicians from all over the world have joined the unparalleled Cur&#275us Editorial Board to lend their support to the medical publishing revolution. For more information, visit