Whoo hoo! I can tweet my awesome results

We all know that using a scale is a useless, and often a depressing way to measure your progress when starting a new routine. One should focus on things like energy levels and overall well being. But a scale connected to your smartphone and all your fitness apps is something completely different.

Withings has introduced a new wireless scale, WS-30, which is not only a very accurate scale – it also acts like your personal fitness coach.

The WS-30 tells you where to stand on the scale for accurate results, then it gives you your weight and your Body Mass Index. This data is streamed into your Withings Fitness Companion App, which with the help of 60 other companion apps helps you track things like weight loss, distances covered and hours slept.

If you want to toss in some extra peer pressure to rapidly reach your weight loss goal, you could use the iOS app to post your results on Twitter or Facebook. Best of all, you can’t cheat with this scale because it calibrates itself when you’re not standing on it.

This wireless smart-scale is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch — with the ability to serve up to 8 individual users with automatic recognition.

At $130 you can help motivate yourself by turning your workout data into cool graphs and charts – all the while sharing your progress with your social media circle.