I’m smiling because I don’t realize I’m about to get hit upside the head with a flying Pepsi bottle.

We all know that soda is bad for you and has all kinds of negative side effects, one of which is weight gain.

Ten minutes after ingesting a can of cola your body is hit with 100% of the recommended intake of sugar. (About 10 teaspoons.) This sugar attack causes an insulin burst which signals the liver to turn all sugar it can find into fat. A study has also shown that sugary beverages interact with genes that control weight gain and can cause obesity.

Pepsi in Japan thinks it has found a solution to this problem, a fat blocking soda called Pepsi Special . Which in simple terms is Pepsi Cola loaded with dietary fiber. Their theory is that the presence of fiber (indigestible dextrin) impedes the fat absorption process.

There is however little evidence that this is effective. The only study that has investigated the effects of dextrin on fat absorption was a Japanese study in 2006 done on rats. It concluded that rats who had dextrin in the diet absorbed less fat than rats who did not.

Whether or not it works on humans remains to be seen. But it does work as a clever marketing ploy for those who want to have it all.


source: Forbes