Live from Sydney, Cureus Editorial Board Member Lee E. Ponsky, MD Moderates a Webcast Showdown: The Future of Prostate Cancer Therapies. Tune-in, April 16 6pm EDT


This is a guest post from Dr. Lee Ponsky

Just like Cureus is pushing the envelope with online publications, GlobalCastMD is similarly pushing the envelope with medical education interactive broadcasts. “The topics will cover contemporary imaging of the prostate, the role of focal therapy and optimizing biopsy techniques.  The course format will include live surgeries, debate and interaction from the participants in true GlobalCastMD style”

On April 16th (6pm EDT) we will be conducting a cutting edge course on prostate focal therapy demonstrating live surgery broadcast from Sydney, Australia with HIFU and Irreversible Electroporation with the Nanoknife. The course will feature Professor Mark Emberton from the UK. There will be presentations on prostate imaging with MRI particularly with an interest in active surveillance. The latest studies and findings on MRI for prostate cancer will be presented. A not to be missed debate between Mark Emberton and Declan Murphy will be a ‘no holds barred’, throw-down fight to the death debate over the merits if focal therapy: the future or for fools? This is a course not to be missed. We invite you to participate in the future model of medical education…register now!

View the course description and invitation: