Cureus Authors in the News: Dr. Laura Esserman’s I-SPY TRIAL

Dr. Laura Esserman, the principal investigator for the I-SPY adaptive studies and a contributing author to Cureus, has been working with Puma Biotechnology to assess neratinib for metastatic HER2-positive breast cancer. Why is this newsworthy, you say? Well, the I-SPY TRIAL is paving the way for accelerated regulatory review of new drug combinations, enabling potentially life-saving medicine to get to market faster than ever before.

This emphasis on accelerated efficiency and quality is similar to that of Cureus. We value speed and efficiency (although never at the expense of quality) in publishing important medical science and providing free access to this knowledge all across the world.

Many in the medical community have closely watched and waited for word on the study’s results, as the spotlight afforded by this research has shone brightly on both the I-SPY TRIAL and Dr. Esserman.

As a key contributor to Cureus, we couldn’t be prouder and more encouraged by these exciting developments made possible by all the hard work of Dr. Esserman and her team. And we’re not the only ones, as there has been plenty of positive media coverage as well, including this report on NBC Nightly News.

The good folks over at OncLive recently caught up with Dr. Esserman, and she had this to say regarding recent I-SPY 2 TRIAL:

If you’d like to learn more, there’s no better place to go than directly to the source – click here to check out the original journal article, A Model for Accelerating Identification and Regulatory Approval of Effective Investigational Agents, only on Cureus.

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