We’re Enhancing the Cureus Journal

We’re a young journal – that’s no secret. As with any growing organization, we are constantly iterating our product in order to produce the best possible journal and provide the very best experience to our users. Working to improve the user experience of our journal is a job that never ends. And with that in mind, we embrace this climate of change and improvement.

The bottom line? We’re always working on new features and refining existing ones to make your experience with Cureus, whether as an author, reviewer or regular user, both efficient, easy and maybe even fun! To that end, we’ve released some new features in recent months designed to make the Cureus experience even better.

sort and filter

We’ve added a powerful Sort and Filter feature – would you like to quickly find those articles with the highest SIQ score? No problem. How about articles related to Neurological Surgery or Internal Medicine? Easy – just check the desired boxes and let us do the rest.

Did you know that Cureus member profiles have high visibility in the most popular search engines (like Google)? When performing a search for physicians by name, Cureus member profiles are returned more than 60% of the time on the first page of results, with 50% of those appearing in the top 3. Our new member profiles have been redesigned so that readers can more quickly find pertinent information about you. If you’re already a user, take a minute to update your member profile and start taking advantage of these new features.


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