Congratulations – you’ve published! Now what?

The medical science community, indeed all scientific research communities, are often so wrapped up in the seemingly insurmountable task of getting published that it has become increasingly rare to stop and think about what comes next.

At Cureus, we’re working hard to ensure that your journey doesn’t end at publication. That’s why we greatly value post-publication review in the form of SIQ (Scholarly Impact Quotient). The review process should never stop when it comes to ensuring the best possible science is available to the publScreen Shot 2014-02-26 at 3.18.08 PMic. Why limit the review period to a few weeks prior to publication? Doesn’t it make sense to allow for further evaluation as more eyes see an article? Of course we value the efforts of our reviewers, but the huge jump in sample size from half a dozen reviewers to a thousand interested readers shouldn’t be ignored. With our SIQ system in place, any reader can quickly and easily rate an article across five different categories. Will this result in the occasional uninformed review? Perhaps, but we feel strongly that, over time, the wisdom of many will outweigh the errors of a few readers, resulting in a dynamic evaluation of every article within the Cureus journal.

We want readers to engage with your research through assigning SIQ scores and entering into discussions, and we’re more than happy to promote your article across social media in the days and weeks following publication. With Cureus, you don’t need to worry about your article being buried and forgotten as soon as it’s published. Publication is just the beginning of the journey here at Cureus. Remember – publishing and reviewing articles at Cureus is entirely free, so stop by today and have a look around. Cureus could be the place for you to launch your research into the social stratosphere!


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