Reviewers Need Love Too!

Far too often, peer reviewers are left on the sidelines when it comes time to award credit for an article’s publication. Yes, peer review is oftentimes a blind process (and in the case of Cureus, always a blind process), but let’s not forget that without reviewers that article wouldn’t be published in the first place. We’ve all been a part of peer review at some point in the past, whether it was years ago in school or more recently in the academic or medical worlds – it can be a thankless task, we know. That’s why Cureus wants to recognize the efforts of our peer reviewers. Over the coming months, we’ll be using this space to recognize the invaluable contributions of our wide array of reviewers. You might also eventually see us recognize our reviewers across our website, so stay tuned and keep an eye out for more reviewer recognition in the future!

While we utilize a blind review process, that doesn’t mean we can’t call attention to our reviewers without tying them directly to the articles they’ve reviewed, and lo and behold, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. The reviewers highlighted below are just a few in the Cureus community – click the names to find out more about some of the folks who make publication with Cureus possible!

Click here to join the Cureus community – you can publish, review, rate and discuss articles and it’s absolutely free!


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