Publishing with Cureus for the first time? Check out our new how-to videos!

New to Cureus? Has it been awhile since you last published with us? Good news! Our revamped Author Guide now features a series of short, snackable how-to videos designed to walk you through each step of the article submission process.

Just click the blue video icon next to select headers located throughout the Author Guide to view a short video walking you through that specific step of the submission process. We recommend taking a few minutes to watch the videos for each of the eight article submission steps before beginning the process. Taking ten minutes now will save you time later!

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 12.00.26 PM


2 thoughts on “Publishing with Cureus for the first time? Check out our new how-to videos!

  1. Hi there, Cureus sent me an email that was titled New Email Notifications || Our Authors Need Your Help. This fits my skills well but there was nothing in the body of the email. It you wish to enlighten me, please send the whole message to:

    1. Hi Vern,

      Thanks for your comment. Our external email server is experiencing issues which unfortunately caused our monthly newsletter to be sent without content. We’re working to resolve this issue ASAP and you should be receiving another newsletter shortly! Thanks!

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