Mid Poster Competition Message from Editor-in-Chief

Mid Poster Competition Message from Editor-in-Chief

John Adler, MD, Professor of Neurosurgery, Stanford University and Editor-in-Chief at Cureus gives us a poster competition update in this latest video.

Posters continue to come in and promotion is underway. If you want to finish in the top 10 and have a chance at winning your category, get your peers and professors to vote for you.

Several programs are doing a great job of getting their team behind their posters…ensuring they will be in the top 10 in their respective category. Nice work!

Nice work from Stanford and University of Washington coming out of nowhere to get onto the leader-board in strong fashion….and late breaking news…congratulations to Alabama and University of Central Florida coming on very strong in the last few days.

There is lots of time left for new schools to get on the board and for those of you already entered to start promoting. Have you used the “social voting” tools?



Medical Posters Find A Home Online At Cureus

Medical Posters Find A Home Online At Cureus

Who would have thought that the scores of posters you presented in medical school or graduate school, through residency, internship, fellowship and beyond, would contribute so effectively to the building of your CV? And the posters you might be drafting now AS a student…

Now, posters are not simply abstracts or listings in a Conference Proceedings, but once published on Cureus, they become fully visible in the world of medical knowledge. Beyond that, our users, editors and reviewers will gladly point you in the direction of turning that “outline” and those preliminary results into a publishable peer reviewed article, that also will be viewed by all as soon as it is submitted to Cureus.

Posters can now become published as unique citable entities. And “manuscripts in progress”/ “manuscripts under review”? Forget about that list! Cureus makes the “in progress” into actual progress and makes the “under review” into published in a matter of days rather than months or years.

Publish everything you have. Those piles of data are useful and the world wants to learn from them. You want a CV full of publications, right? Cureus will make that happen, and it will happen quickly, starting with a submitted poster!