ZEISS & Cureus Intraoperative Fluorescence Competition Results

Five months, ten published articles and countless article views later, we’ve finally arrived at the finish line. Cureus would like to thank all of the submitting authors for their excellent work, the reviewer panel for their tireless efforts and the Cureus community for pitching in to read and score the articles. By publishing ten articles on the topic of microscope-integrated intraoperative fluorescence, we’ve managed to increase the world literature on the topic by roughly 27%!

Additionally, the competition has thus far generated 19,617 article views and 377 article scorings – we’re beyond excited that our authors’ work has generated such a fevered response.

As a reminder, prizes are awarded to three articles: The Grand Prize for Scientific Acclaim ($3,000) is awarded to the article with the highest SIQ score. Educator Awards ($1,000 each) are awarded to two articles: the most viewed article and the article receiving the most audience engagement (SIQ scorings + comments).

Without further ado, we’re pleased to announce the winning articles of the ZEISS/Cureus Intraoperative Fluorescence Publishing Competition:

Grand Prize for Scientific Acclaim (7.5 SIQ): “A Bioengineered Peptide that Localizes to and Illuminates Medulloblastoma: A New Tool with Potential for Fluorescence-Guided Surgical Resection” by Ackerman, Wilson, Kahn, Kintzing, Jindal, Cheshier, Grant & Cochran

Educator Award (6,713 article views): “The Use of 5-ALA in Glioblastoma Resection: Two Cases with Long-Term Progression-Free Survival” by Awad & Sloan

Educator Award (92 audience actions): “Intraoperative Photodynamic Surgery (iPDS) with Acridine Orange for Musculoskeletal Sarcomas​” by Kusuzaki, Matsubara, Satonaka, Matsumine, Nakamura, Sudo, Murata, Hosogi & Baldini

Winning submitting authors will be contacted with additional instructions for claiming their prizes.

Complete competition statistics:

  • 19,617 article views
  • 377 SIQ scorings
  • 80 author and audience article shares
  • 670 clicks resulting from these shares
  • 8 minutes – the average engagement time per user

Thanks again to all of the competition authors, reviewers and community members for helping determine our winners. Please feel free to contact us at info@cureus.com if you’d like to learn more about our publishing competitions.

Our Intraoperative Fluorescence Research Publishing Competition is Now Live!

We’re thrilled to announce that the Intraoperative Fluorescence Research Publishing Competition sponsored by ZEISS is now live! (And yes, we know the title is a mouthful.) A part of our first article publishing competition, we’ve partnered with the good folks over at ZEISS to create an outlet for all the latest research concerning microscope-integrated intraoperative fluorescence.

Intraoperative Fluorescence

The competition will remain open through July 28th, 2014 so you’ve still got plenty of time to gather your research and submit your work. We’ve already spent time elsewhere going over the competition details (check out the competition page if you don’t believe me), so instead of rehashing all the boring details, I’ll use this opportunity to focus on the truly good stuff, the stuff that should be getting you excited to enter our competition.

And what’s that, you ask? Two things:

  1. Our outstanding collection of reviewers hand-picked specifically for this competition. Led by Dr. Robert Spetzler, our reviewer pool features 9 highly accomplished professionals in the world of neuroscience. This is a rare opportunity to have your research reviewed by an esteemed group of physicians offering constructive feedback that could help you throughout your research career.
  2. Cold hard cash prizes. The author of the article with the highest SIQ score will be awarded the Grand Prize for Scientific Acclaim along with a cool $3,000. And that’s not all – two additional “Educator” Awards will be handed out (along with $1,000 each) to the authors of the articles with the most views and audience engagement, respectively.

And just as a reminder, publishing with Cureus is always 100% free. No strings attached. So what do you have to lose? Take a look at the competition details and enter your research today!

Not sure if this competition is right for you? Leave a comment on this post (or email us at support@cureus.com) and we’ll get right back to you with all the information you need.